MindSpeak, along with Personaah presents Train the Trainer workshop.

Over the years, we have noticed that there is an abundance of knowledgeable trainers in every domain (be it technical, financial or any other domain), but unfortunately a large number of these trainers are constrained by changes in the demands of trainings and consequently the result of their efforts fall short. To address these lacunae, we have planned a Train the Trainer workshop in the month of February 2015 (19, 20 and 21), at one of the prominent hotels in Pune – St Lauren at Koregaon Park.

Our lead faculty is Mahesh Bhagtani (B. Mahesh) – An Internationally certified Trainer with more than two and half decades of experience.

A brief about Mahesh

  • He has cross domain exposure and can relate to the challenges faced in different industries.
  • Industries Worked in – Finance, Services, IT, Manufacturing and Agriculture.
  • Member of the International Coaching Alliance (www.icacoach.com).
  • Has conducted more than 2500 training programs all over the country and outside the country.
  • Been the Pilot Trainer for nine Train the Trainer programs of the JCI University, Seattle, USA.
  • Been a part of the training team for three advanced Train the Trainer programs of the JCI University, Seattle, USA.
  • Has conducted programs for organisations and corporate houses in Korea, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Singapore, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Our approach to this program is about:

  • Imparting up-to-date training methodologies & techniques to meet domain-centric needs.
  • Inspiring and motivating trainers.
  • Giving them a variety of usable skills.
  • Making the training room a really fun and exciting place to be.

What’s in it for you? (Registrations Closed)

  • Certification from a recognized body.
  • Hand-holding and coaching options.
  • Opportunity to practice skills in live sessions.

Get in touch with us at training@mindspeak.in for details and investment needed. (Registrations Closed)

Acronym of TTT for Train the Trainer