Our academic outreach programs are designed for engagement with academic institutions to enrich the lives of the students by arming them with essential LIFE SKILLS leading to employability advantage for their students

NASSCOM and McKinsey report (2005) finds that 75% of engineering graduates are not employable by multinational companies.

Latest survey of World Bank with FICCI & MHRD on Employability of graduates and Employer survey, states that 64% of employers are only somewhat satisfied or worse with the current engineering graduates skills.

At MindSpeak, we believe that an early engagement with individuals would put them on path to a successful professional life, hence we call them LIFE SKILLS. Life skills are the necessary skills that help us succeed and stay ahead in life. Sooner we imbibe these skills, greater heights we can scale. Keeping that in mind, MindSpeak engages with Academic institutions to guide and train the students on these skills so that they have a head start when they commence theirĀ  professional journey.

Career development in word tag cloud

We have divided this engagement into four categories.

Communication Skills
English Speaking Skills
Effective Communication
Productivity Enhancing Skills
Identifying Goals
Setting Goals
Achieving Goals
Essential Skills for Leadership
Social skills
Handling change
Social Skills
Manners & Etiquette
Building Self-Confidence
Social Networking

For a customised program for your institution, you can reach us at training@mindspeak.in